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Emperor Heinrey Alles Lazlo[1] is the handsome king of the neighboring Western Empire (formerly Western Kingdom) who is infamous for being a womanizer. He ascended the throne following the death of his childless elder brother, Wharton III.


Heinrey is the second son of the former King and Queen of the neighboring Western Empire, and the younger brother of Wharton III. After his brother becomes ill and passes, Heinrey ascends the throne, becoming the new King of the Western Kingdom. At some point in the past, Heinrey became an informal exchange student at the Academy of Magic in the Eastern Empire, where he excelled in his studies displaying immense magical talent. Heinrey also mentions to Navier that his favorite hobbies are cooking and baking, and that he even has a private kitchen at his palace.[2]


Heinrey is initially rumoured to be a playboy and flirt, painting him as an unreliable figure with a tendency for breaking hearts. He is also rumoured to be extremely cruel. Despite the rumors, Heinrey’s only romantic desire was to court Empress Navier, and he only appears to be 'cruel' to those who wrong others first. Heinrey in fact is well mannered, perceptible and well-grounded, as it is difficult to sway his opinion. He values Navier highly, and is devoted to her, treating her with the utmost care. It's noted that he can hold grudges to those who attempt to displace him or do wrong by him, evident in his dislike of Rashta, whose attempts to kindle an acquaintanceship by lying about his penpal failed. Heinrey is quite clever and persuasive with his words, able to discern scenarios and does not hold back in calling them out, showing he is unafraid of speaking up and is assertive. His frustration with Emperor Sovieshu’s mistreatment of Navier is also apparent, showing that he is a respectable young man and does not enjoy seeing those he cares about being put down.

As a bird, he can be extremely bashful and overwhelmed by Navier’s affection. This is mirrored in his human form, as he is shown to get easily flustered and embarrassed by Navier's teasing and playful remarks. Navier notes that he reminds her of a golden retriever.

Physical appearance

Heinrey is fit and slender at average stature. He is extremely attractive, with tousled champagne colored hair with wispy bangs below his eyebrows. His magenta eyes are paired with dark eyelashes. At the Empress' divorce trial / remarriage proposal, Heinrey has longer hair.


As 'Queen', he is a relatively large bird with a long crest at the back of his head and long, flowing tail feathers. He also has golden feathers and striking magenta eyes, both of which match his human form. In the webnovel, his appearance is much like that of a small harpy eagle with golden feathers.


Love Interests

  • Navier: Heinrey's interest in Navier is made evident from the very beginning. He not only admires her for her looks but her intellect, compassion and sense of humor, which Navier herself has admitted that people don't often understand. Initially, he restricts his advances and communicated to her primarily through letters in his bird form 'Queen', but eventually becomes more bold in his advances. During his time at the Eastern Palace, he sees Navier's more vulnerable side and feels upset on her behalf at her treatment, stating that if he had been the one to marry her he would do anything to keep her happy. After her divorce with Sovieshu, he gets married to Navier with the blessing of the High Priest, and while their marriage is originally considered by Navier to be one of political convenience, their love eventually blossoms. Their relationship is one of mutual love, respect, admiration and support.


  • Ergi: Ergi is known to be friends with Heinry, implying that they get along well. However it is unknown why Ergi talks nonsense about his friend to Navier. It is later revealed the two met as children.


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  • Lari and Kai: Lari and Kai are Navier and Heinrey's twin daughter and son respectively. Not much is currently known about the twins, however Heinrey appears to be a loving and affectionate father to the two. As they have inherited his bird transformation ability, Heinrey begins to guide them through it while they are still babies .[3]
  • Wharton III(brother): Wharton and Heinrey never had a close relationship, but they still cared for each other. Before his death Wharton wanted Heinry to protect Krista, his wife. And find a Queen that will be good for the people. Heinrey was devastated over his elder brother's death.
  • McKenna (cousin): McKenna is described as Heinrey's "bastard cousin". He is Heinrey's personal assistant and the only person outside of Navier who can be truly straight forward with Heinrey. The two are close and tend to poke fun at one another.
  • Krista(sister-in-law): Krista is the former Queen of the Western Kingdom and widow of Wharton III. On his deathbed, Wharton asked Heinrey to care for Krista because he feared that she would be treated poorly by whoever succeed her position as Queen. Krista is revealed to have long been in love with Heinrey, but he views her only as his sister-in-law

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