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Grand Duke Kaufman is a prince from the desert Kingdom of Luipt and a knowledgeable mage.


Before taking on the role and duties as Grand Duke, Kaufman attended the Academy of Magic in the Eastern Empire, graduating as top of his class. Because of this he is a talented magician but can sometimes underestimate the potency of his work, like when he gifted a love potion of Navier that was much stronger than he expected.


Physical appearance


Love Interests

  • Navier: Once drinking the love potion that he made Navier for her birthday to prove that it isn't poison, he fell madly in love for her, even going so far as to threaten Sovieshu and Heinrey when they got too close to her. Although he had to return to his kingdom after the New Years celebration, he offered to take her with him so that she doesn't have to worry about her husband's mistress.

List of appearances


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