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Empress Navier Ellie Lazlo (née Trovi) is the protagonist of the Remarried Empress series. She is the current Empress of the Western Empire and the former Empress of the Eastern Empire.


Early on, Navier mentions that she was hand picked by the previous Emperor, Osis III, to marry his son, Prince Sovieshu.[1] Her family, House of Trovi, had perviously had daughters who married into the imperial family. Despite having always been close childhood friends, Navier considered her marriage to Sovieshu as a "marriage of convenience" rather than love. She spent her life preparing for the role of becoming Empress and leading her country diligently.

Plot Summary


In the first episode of the WEBTOON, Navier is attending divorce court since Sovieshu wants to divorce her and marry Rashta instead. Navier states that she accepts the divorce, surprising nearly everyone in the room except for two people: Duke Ergi and the then King Heinrey of the Western Kingdom. Marquis Falhan protests her decision, while Rashta smirks as she pretends to be anxious and plays innocent. Navier is asked again if she accepts Sovieshu’s request for divorce, and she replies with a resounding “Yes. I accept.” After accepting the divorce, Navier surprises everyone in the room again, by saying that she’d like approval for her remarriage. The High Priest asks her whom she wishes to remarry. This is when Heinrey makes his grand entrance, revealing his presence at the divorce hearing. Heinrey moves to stand beside Navier as everybody else in the room starts exclaiming their surprise at Heinrey’s sudden appearance.

The webtoon proceeds to go back a few months, to when Navier was still the Empress of the Eastern Empire. This is the start of the lead-up to the events of the divorce hearing.


Navier is described as being the perfect Empress. At first glance, she appears to have a cold, methodical demeanour, and is always composed. For those who spend a little more time with her however, Navier is an intelligent, kind, and very patient woman, who has unconditional devotion to her subjects. She has a close relationship with her ladies-in-waiting, particularly Eliza and Laura, with the latter always speaking freely to Navier about her hatred for Sovieshu's infidelities without fear of retribution. That being said, Navier's treatment of Sovieshu, after he brings in his mistress especially, severely differs from how she treats everyone else. So-much-so that Sovieshu describes her as frigid, reserved, and barely flickering with emotion. This of course is far from the truth, as Navier is depicted as merely being one who has control of her emotions, which is especially important for someone in her role where eyes are on her at all times. She is not without her vulnerable moments and will cry alone in her room when she needs to, or confide in those closest to her. Navier cares greatly for those around her and is always willing to lend a helping hand in the best way she can, forever acting selflessly for the wellbeing of others even if people like Sovieshu claim instead that she's selfish and cruel. Navier has a fun loving streak and tends to throw playful verbal jabs or crack jokes, though she admits most don't tend to understand her humour. Her way of thinking is very practical and logical rather than emotional, and she won't engage in things that do not concern her or need her interference, this is due to being shaped into being a leader since her childhood.

Physical appearance

Although her height and weight are never formally mentioned, Navier appears to be of average height and has a slender build. She has striking green eyes and waist-length blonde hair typically adorned with flowers and jewels.[2] Navier always wears the most elegant of gowns, typically in her signature color: red, and has her hair styled in numerous different fashions. Navier is usually seen in dark colors the complete opposite of Rastha who is usually dressed in pastel colors. She almost always has her hair done it’s only ever out when she’s going to bed. Navier is know across multiple kingdoms for extreme beauty.


Love Interests

  • Heinrey: Emperor Heinrey of the Western Empire is Navier's current husband. His interest in Navier was evident from their first meeting during the New Year's festivities, but being just a prince at that time, there wasn't much that Heinrey could do about his affections. After finding out that Sovieshu wanted to divorce her, Navier bumped into Heinrey during a trip to Wilwol who proposed marriage to her. So on the day of Navier and Sovieshu's divorce, Navier asks for and is granted permission to marry the now King Heinrey. Similarly to her marriage with Sovieshu, Navier only married Heinrey out of convenience. But as opposed to her stand-offish marriage with Sovieshu, Navier and Heinrey's marriage quickly turned into one of mutual support, love, and respect, with Navier opening her heart to her lover and husband.
  • Sovieshu (former): Emperor Sovieshu of the Eastern Empire is Navier's previous husband. Navier and Sovieshu had been best friends since childhood and betrothed for just as long, but their marriage was solely for political purposes. Unbeknownst to Navier, Sovieshu wanted her love, not just her commitment as Empress. Convinced that Navier was infertile, Sovieshu concocted a plan to divorce Navier and marry his pregnant mistress, Rashta. After the birth of his now legitimate heir, he would then divorce Rashta to remarry Navier. His requested divorce was accepted by both Navier and the High Priest, but plans quickly changed when Navier requested to marry Heinrey instead moments after. Navier has since moved on from Sovieshu, although he doesn't appear to feel the same.


  • Eliza: Countess Eliza was a lady-in-waiting to Navier when Navier was the Empress of the Eastern Empire. Despite being the more reserved and mature of Navier's ladies, Eliza was always there to reassure Navier that her feelings were validated.
  • Laura: Lady Laura was another lady-in-waiting to Navier when she was Empress of the Empress Empire. Unlike Eliza, Laura is very outspoken and quick to anger when someone disrespects Her Majesty; even if it results in being punished for her words. She doesn't hold her tongue around Navier in private, and refuses to keep anything from her. Laura follows Navier to the Western Empire to be her lady-in-waiting there as well.
  • Artina: Sir (or Lady) Artina is the Deputy Commander of the Knights of the Eastern Empire, and the personal guard to Navier when she served as Empress of the Eastern Empire. Navier placed a lot of trust in Artina and he kept many of her secrets.
  • Duchess Tuania: Despite being many years her senior, Duchess Tuania and Navier have a close relationship. After Viscount Landre's imprisonment, Tuania asked a favor of Navier to save him. Navier fought to have his sentence changed from execution to exile, and it was luckily granted. To Navier's surprise, Tuania left her husband and followed the exiled Landre.
  • Circe: Princess Circe of the Southern Kingdom quickly become good friends with Navier during the New Year's festivities through their mutual dislike of Rashta. Circe has a love for rumors and drama, and a humorous attitude that has led to Navier almost losing her composure on several occasions.
  • Lebetti: Lebetti is the young daughter of Viscount Lotteschu, and absolutely worships the ground that Navier walks on. Although Navier's original intentions for Lebetti were to use her to obtain secrets about Rashta, Navier quickly came to care for the girl.
  • Kaufman: Grand Duke Kaufman is from the Kingdom of Luipt. Kaufman felt sympathy for Navier that her husband could commit infidelity and took it upon himself to gift her with a love potion that he had crafted. Trying to prove to her that the potion would cause no harm, he tested it on himself and, having miscalculated exactly how potent it was, fell madly in love with Navier.


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  • Lari and Kai: Lari and Kai are Navier and Heinrey's twin daughter and son respectively. Not much is currently known about the twins.[3]
  • Duchess Trovi: Navier's mother. She taught Navier much of what it means to be an empress and the strong beliefs that she keeps about how a noble should act. One of the teachings that Navier remembers frequently from her mother is that if her husband were to take a concubine, she should put up with it and not complain. It is implied they have a close relationship, as when she was upset over Sovieshu's infidelity, others offered to have her mother brought in to comfort her.
  • Kosair: Kosair is Navier's older brother. He is fiercely protective of his younger sister and has tortured several people to prove this nature. He was banished from the Eastern Empire after poisoning Rashta's food with an abortion drug in order to hurt Sovieshu for betraying Navier. Despite his volatile nature, Navier appears to be one of the few who can somewhat calm him.

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