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Empress Navier Ellie Trovi is the protagonist of the Remarried Empress series. She is the current Empress of the Western Empire, the deposed Empress of the Eastern Empire, and a member of the House of Trovi.


Plot Summary

Navier's family, House of Trovi, had perviously had daughters who married into the Eastern Empire's Imperial Family. She was hand picked by the previous Emperor, Osis III, to marry his son, Crown Prince Sovieshu. Despite having always been close childhood friends, she considered her marriage to Sovieshu as a "marriage of convenience" rather than of romantic love. She spent her life preparing for the role of becoming Empress and helping to lead her country diligently.[1]

In the first episode of the WEBTOON, Navier is attending court since Soviechu wants to divorce her and marry his concubine, Rashta, instead. Navier states that she accepts the divorce, surprising nearly everyone in the room except for two people: Duke Ergi Claude of Blue Bohean and King Heinrey of the Western Kingdom. Many nobles protest her decision, while Rashta smirks as she pretends to be anxious. Navier is asked again if she accepts Sovieshu’s request for divorce, and replies with a resounding “Yes. I accept.” After accepting the divorce, Navier surprises everyone in the room again, by saying that she’d like approval for her remarriage. High Priest Vimirey asks her whom she wishes to remarry. This is when Heinrey makes his grand entrance, revealing his presence at the divorce hearing. He moves to stand beside Navier as everybody else in the room starts exclaiming their surprise at his sudden appearance.

The webtoon proceeds to go back a few months, to when Navier was still the Empress of the Eastern Empire. This is the start of the lead-up to the events of the hearing.


Navier is described as being the ideal Empress. At first glance, she appears to have a methodical demeanour, and is always composed. Her way of thinking is very practical and logical, so she won't engage in things that do not concern her or need her interference. For those who spend more time with her, however, she is a very intelligent, patient and kind woman who has unconditional devotion to her work, family, and friends. She tends to throw playful verbal jabs and crack jokes, though she admits most people don't tend to understand her humour.

That being said, Navier's treatment towards her now ex-husband after he brings in his first concubine severely differs from how she treats everyone else, to the point that he describes her as "frigid, reserved, and barely flickering with emotion". This, of course, is far from the truth, as she merely has control of her emotions, which is important for someone in her role where eyes are on her at all times. She is not without her vulnerable moments and will cry alone when she needs to or confide in those closest to her.

Physical appearance

Navier appears to be of average height, slender build and light skin. She has striking green eyes and waist-length blonde hair.[2] She wears elegant gowns, usually in her signature color, red, and has her hair styled in numerous different fashions, sometimes adorned with jewels or flowers. She is know across multiple countries for her cold beauty.


Love Interests

  • Heinrey I: The current Emperor of the Western Empire, and Navier's current husband. His interest in her was evident from their first meeting during the New Year's festivities, but with her being married at the time, there wasn't much that he could do about his affections. Initially, he restricts his advances and communicated to her primarily through letters in his bird form 'Queen', but he eventually becomes more bold in his advances. During his time at the Eastern Empire, he saw her more vulnerable side and felt upset on her behalf at her treatment, stating that if he had been the one to marry her, he would do anything to make her happy. After finding out that Sovieshu wanted to divorce her, she bumped into Heinrey during a trip to Wilwol and proposed marriage to him. After getting engaged to Heinrey, she immediately starts thinking about how to be a good co-ruler with him, quickly figures out Sovieshu might try to prevent her from remarrying and asks Heinrey to come to her divorce proceedings to remarry her on the spot so High Priest Vimirey can officiate their wedding there. While kept in house arrest with Heinrey after their remarriage, she is less concerned about herself and more about how will this affect his image as a ruler. Similarly to her marriage with Sovieshu, she only married Heinrey out of convenience, especially after the whole ordeals with Rashta and Krista. But as opposed to Navier's former standoffish marriage, her marriage with Heinrey turned into one of mutual respect, understanding, support, and love with her opening her heart to her lover and husband.
  • Sovieshu (formerly): The Emperor of the Eastern Empire, Navier's ex-husband and distant cousin. She and Sovieshu had been best friends since childhood and betrothed for just as long, but their marriage was solely for political purposes. Unbeknownst to her, he wants her love as well, not just her commitment as his empress. Convinced that she was infertile, he concocted a plan to divorce her and marry his pregnant concubine, Rashta. After the birth of his now legitimate heir, he would then divorce Rashta to remarry Navier, despite that the latter very openly, albeit politely, told him that she doesn't want anything to do with his concubine or their child. However, he neglects and emotionally abuses Navier during the course of the series prior to the divorce, humiliating her out of jealousy for her growing friendships with other men and blaming things on things related to Rashta even if he should know better. Even so, Navier only answers with words and refrains from going against him in public, believing they need to present a united front for both their citizens and foreign powers. His requested divorce was eventually accepted by both Navier and High Priest Vimirey, but Sovieshu's plans quickly changed when she requested to marry Heinrey instead moments after. She has since moved on from Sovieshu, although he doesn't feel the same. Following Rashta's death, he attempted to win Navier's heart again and asked her to take him as her concubine. He was extremely distraught upon learning of her pregnancy, and was solemn when he discovered her daughter looks exactly like her, as he had dreamed of having a child with her that took after her. By the end of the series, his throne goes to her daughter and her father ends up becoming the de facto ruler once Sovieshu becomes too mentally unstable to rule.
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  • Lari and Kai: Navier and Heinrey's twin daughter and son, respectively.[3] Navier is a loving and affectionate mother who, keeps a close eye on them to ensure they don't run into trouble. Although the twins (particularly Lari), give Navier a few scares, she adores her children. Despite being busy as an empress, Navier enjoys caring for the twins herself and spending time with them. This is also due to their ability to shapeshift into birds, which is a secret outside of Heinrey's immediate family.
  • Kosair Trovi: Navier's older brother. He cherishes her dearly, acting very kindly around her compared to his usual personality and liking to gift her extravagant items that no normal brother would give their younger sister. He is fiercely protective of her, to the point of having tortured several people, much to her disapproval. He was banished from the Eastern Empire after poisoning Rashta's food with an abortion drug and interrogate through maiming to her former master, Viscount Lotteshu, in order to hurt Sovieshu for betraying Navier. Kosair's outrage at Sovieshu divorcing Navier is partially caused by the fact he knows that she sacrificed her childhood learning how to be a good empress and now she is going to be set aside despite everything she has done. His exile turns out to be an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and he becomes an unexpectedly popular knight in the Western Empire, helping his younger sister in less troublesome ways.
  • Duke and Duchess Trovi: Navier's parents. Her mother taught her much of the strong beliefs that she keeps about how an empress should act, including that if her husband were to take a concubine, she should put up with it and not complain openly. Her father taught her horse riding and made a special handkerchief for her, which she later gave to Heinrey. It is implied they have a close relationship, as when she was upset over struggling position in court, others offered to have her parents brought in to comfort her.
  • Empress Mother † : Navier's distant relative and former mother-in-law. It is said that the late empress had a soft spot for Navier and cared for her very much. The two spent many days together preparing for Navier's eventual inheritance of her position as an empress.


  • Evalie: Navier's sponsored mage and unofficial ward. Evalie is notably close to Navier and looks up to her. In turn, Navier acts as a pseudo-maternal figure for the young girl, offering praise at her feats, checking up on her and comforting her when she is down. Evely reciprocates the feeling, wanting to use her magic skills to help Navier, and resents the situation Rashta put her former guardian into. When Navier's life is threatened, Evalie is called upon by the Western Empire to save her life using her magic, which she does so without hesitation.
  • Nian Tuania: Despite being many years her senior, Navier and Nian have a close relationship. After Viscount Landre's imprisonment, Nian asked a favor of Navier to save him. Navier fought to have his sentence changed from execution to exile, and it was succesfully granted. To Navier's surprise, Nian left her husband and followed the exiled Landre. After Navier remarries and moves to the Western Kingdom, she is reunited with Nian, who helps to integrate Navier into their new social sphere.
  • Laura Tarital: One of Navier's ladies-in-waiting from the Eastern Empire. Unlike Eliza, Laura is very outspoken and quick to anger when someone disrespects Navier, even if it results in being punished for her words, in which case her master will defend her and comfort her. Laura doesn't hold her tongue around Navier in private, something Navier appreciates. Laura followed Navier to the Western Empire to be her lady-in-waiting there as well.
  • Countess Joubert: One of Navier's ladies-in-waiting from the Eastern Empire. Countess Joubert would like that Navier lives as happily as possible, whetever that means improving her deterioring marriage with Soviechu or outright divorcing him to remarry into a healthier relationship with Heinrey. Like Laura, Countess Joubert followed Navier to the Western Empire to be her lady-in-waiting there as well.
  • Countess Eliza: Navier's former head lady-in-waiting when she was the Empress of the Eastern Empire. Despite being the more reserved of Navier's ladies-in-waiting, Eliza was always there to reassure Navier that her feelings are validated.
  • Rose Quevel: Navier’s Lady in Waiting. When she is first introduced, she comes off as a bit snobbish, showing her blatant disliking of Navier. However, soon she begins to like her as she gets to know her better, and they become good friends.
  • Miss Masters: Leader of Unit 2 of the Knights of the underground and one of Navier’s ladies in waiting. Was introduced to Navier by her brother, Aprin Violet. Despite appearing as brutal and fierce, actually is innocent and soft at times, which led Navier to have a soft spot for her. She is always there for Navier, and has helped her on many occasions with her intellect. Also takes a lot of interest in her brother, Lord Kosair.
  • Sir Artina: The Deputy Commander of the Knights of the Eastern Empire, and the personal guard to Navier when she served as Empress of the Eastern Empire. She placed a lot of trust in Artina, who kept many of her secrets.


  • Kaufman: A grand duke and representative from the Kingdom of Luipt who prepares trading arrangements with Navier. Kaufman felt sympathy for her as her country allows her husband to freely commit infidelity and took it upon himself to gift her with a love potion that he had crafted. Trying to prove to her that the potion would cause no harm, he tested it on himself and, having miscalculated exactly how potent it was, fell madly in love with her, even going so far as to threaten both Sovieshu and Heinrey when they got too close to her. Although Kaufman had to eventually return to his kingdom, he offered to take her with him so that she doesn't have to worry about her husband's concubine, an offer she declined. He tried to make amends for his mistakes by helping her in court matters besides diplomacy.
  • Circe: A princess and representative from the Southern Kingdom. Circe quickly become good friends with Navier during the New Year's festivities through their similar sense of humor and mutual dislike of harems. Circe's gossip has led to Navier almost losing her composure on several occasions.
  • Lebetti Rimwell: Viscount Lotteschu's young daughter who absolutely worships the ground that Navier walks on, and has several painted portraits of her. Although Navier's original intentions for Lebetti were to use her as a way of warning to Rashta Navier even told Lebett, who isn't fond of Rashta herself, to call her "Big Sister" just to mess with Rashta, who initially called Navier "Big Sister" because they share the same "husband" and clearly expected they were going to have an amicable relationship until Navier made it clear that she is going to ignor her. Even so, Navier quickly came to care for Lebetti, who cried when she found out about the divorce and vowed to take revenge in Navier's name, although Navier discouraged her from doing so.

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