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Emperor Sovieshu Vict is the Emperor of the Eastern Empire and the ex-husband of series protagonist, Navier.


He and Navier were childhood friends, and though their future marriage was a political one, both Navier and Sovieshu had feelings for each other both as kids and as adults. When they were children, Sovieshu stole some cookies, that his mother was planning to sent to Countess Sophia, one of his father's mistresses. Both he and Navier ate them, but Sovieshu later learned from his mother that the cookies was laced with an abortion drug, which also had the potential to cause infertility. Sovieshu then lied to his mother, stating that only he ate the cookies as he didn't want Navier to get in trouble. He additionally would never tell Navier about the incident. This would weigh on his mind for many years after.

After meeting Rashta, Sovieshu became more irrational as the series went on. Differing from how he was prior to her arrival, he would frequently blame Navier for showing any potential sign of disliking Rashta by blaming her for any shortcomings, and forcing her into hosting events for Rashta (despite her being his mistress and not Navier's). Additionally, Sovieshu would proceed to flaunt his mistress and allow her to do as she pleased, despite ironically disagreeing with his father doing the same as a child.


As a child, Sovieshu was an extremely kind and sweet boy, continuously looking out for his mother and Navier and ensuring they were alright and comfortable. He was also extremely playful, shown in flashbacks during his time with Navier while they were young. As Emperor however, after becoming infatuated with Rashta, Sovieshu becomes extremely conceited and doesn't like to be told that he is wrong or have things work against him. He will get whatever it is that he wants, even if it hurts those who used to trust him, like when he took in Rashta against Navier's will, and divorced Navier just to gain a legitimate heir. Even so, he will protect the things that he views the most valuable to him. Since Rashta stole his heart, he started to feel that her joy is the most important thing to him, even if she is only happy from something as minuscule as a ring. He is shown to lack the ability to communicate properly, like when he decided to break up with the empress without consulting with her or attempting to let his feelings for her be known clearly, and is a hypocrite. He is also possessive and controlling, such as when he attempted to prevent Navier and Heinrey from leaving the East.

Physical appearance

Sovieshu is a slender but fit man of tall stature. He has black hair that is typically slicked back except for a few missed strands and silver eyes, said to be inherited from his mother. His face has rather sharp features that can make him look either angry or terribly sad. He is said to be incredibly handsome


Love Interests

  • Rashta † : Sovieshu encountered an injured Rashta on a hunting trip and brought her to his palace to be taken care of. He was struck by her beauty and her childlike innocence. Initially he is blind to Rashta's faults and goes to extreme lengths to protect and defend her, and alienates his (ex) wife Navier in the process. Rashta is officially made his concubine, and he is elated to learn that she is carrying his child. He divorces Navier so that Rashta can become Empress and her child can be the successor to the throne. he eventually realizes Rashta's true personality and deceitful nature, and begins to distance himself from her. Their relationship turns negative after Sovieshu and Rashta take a birth test with the baby, and he discovers that he was not the father of the child.
  • Navier: Navier is Sovieshu's childhood friend and ex-wife. Believing that Navier was infertile, Sovieshu divorced her after Rashta became pregnant with his child. His intention was to divorce Rashta a year or so after his heir was born and to remarry Navier. However the remarry part fell apart, when Navier got remarried to Heinrey. He is shown to be truly in love with Navier, however neglects and abuses her during the course of the series prior to the divorce, humiliating her and blaming things on her even if he knows better. Following Rashta's death, Sovieshu attempted to win Navier's heart again and asked her to take him as a concubine. He was extremely distraught upon learning of her pregnancy, and is solemn when he discovers her daughter looks exactly like her, as he'd dreamed of having a child with Navier that took after her.


  • Osis III † : Sovieshu's father. Not much is known about their relationship, but ironically, Sovieshu didn't agree with his father having concubines/mistresses.
  • Mother † : Not much is known about Sovieshu's mother, however they are implied to have been close and he inherited her eyes. Ironically, Sovieshu sided with his mother that his father, Osis III, having mistresses was a ridiculous matter and that he should stay loyal to his hardworking wife, the Empress.

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